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A piano based breakeup song from the up coming debut EP, recorded in Germany (Oberhausen, Essen), The Netherlands (Eindhoven), and South-Korea (Daegu).


released August 7, 2017 
Vocals, Bass: Ch. Spahn 
Back Vocals: A. Glietsch 
Guitar: A. Spahn 
Piano, Keys: Ch. Spahn 
Drums: P. Scholz 

words and music by A. Spahn & Ch.Spahn


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Blue Return


Blue Return is an international music project of the singer-songwriters Andreas Spahn and Christian Spahn. It started out as a German Independent Band in Oberhausen, in the Ruhr-Area, and it now turned into an international cooperation between Europe and Asia. The first EP is scheduled to be released in 2018.




The Musicans


Annette Rempe (Germany): Vocals

Christian Spahn (Korea): Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

Andreas Spahn (The Netherlands): Guitars

Christian Strücken (Germany): Keyboards

Peer Scholz (Germany): Drums and Percussion








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